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The socket hunters

So the other day I go to this restaurant and realizing the slow and painful (more on that later) death my phone is going through. I rush to the hotel owner with this you-have-to-save-me look and ask him if there is a socket using which I could charge my mobile phone. He smiled and gave me that oh-I-get-this- so-many-times-its-not-funny look before pointing towards a socket hidden behind a fridge, almost invisible, maybe deliberately so.

I think our smart phones (which maybe are not as smart after what they are turning us into) are turning us into a generation of socket hunters. Ok I may be succumbing to hyperbole here but it seems – at least to me- every second person I meet is afflicted by this ‘I have low battery’ syndrome. While if you search online, you will find scores of articles about how the next smart phone should ensure it has good battery life, something desperately (more or less) missing from most smart phones these days. They are adding apps, games and other (relatively unimportant features), but when it comes to the thumb rule of a mobile being able to last longer, they are screwing it up. (ok diversion, random ranting)


So you try to ‘instill the habit’ of charging your phone first thing you get up in the morning but as far as its execution goes, your guess is as good as mine. On most days after you leave home, in the first few minutes for sure, you realize the battery life, on a lucky day, is somewhere around 60 per cent. And then those damn calculations begin. Ok no music, data off; or maybe no music, data on; no music data on but 3G off and so on and so forth. There better you get technology, the more permutations and combinations you have and thereby more confusion.

No matter what you do, on most days, and following Murphy’s law, the most important days, as you are maybe headed back to office, it is a race against how much (battery) your phone sucks and how quickly you can locate the next socket. (As I do not use a portable battery charger that is not an option. Have to still make up my mind on that front). And that is when the phone begins to die a slow (and extremely painful for your mental health) death and along with the battery starts sucking your blood. Kala Ghoda: battery life 10 per cent, check; Marine Lines 8 per cent check; Elphinstone road 6 per cent check; all this amidst being cautious that you do not check it too many times lest: it drains your battery.

Finally you reach office and recharge your phone. On most occasions all sockets in the office would be occupied and according to a CHDS survey (these are made up these days right?) or an exit poll ( since we are in election season) on a particular day you will meet atleast two persons who are looking around wide eyed (and visible stress) for that elusive unoccupied charging point, that socket to resuscitate their mobile back to life. The statistic will go to three a day, in case you are counting yourself.


PS: Not a bad thought to start charging for charging points.