The Cycling Mechanism

Starkenn Bikes

In this vast maze of roads and highways, heavy and light vehicles, motorists, honking-traffic- bribe- signals, is there space for cycling?

Well, there’s plenty! Way beyond the capacity of other motorists trying to make their way through the passage.

Cycle is the only instrument that allows you to get down, move along as conveniently as if you just took a small walk. So while others are peeping ahead at the length of the traffic, you escalate. This feature wouldn’t be convenient with other vehicles, let alone a biker, who looks so disheartened while trudging along with his bike as though air has left not only his bike tyre but also his soul.


Unfortunately, this flexibility of what cycling gives you often also comes with its disadvantages. The lack of speed of cyclists(as compared to other vehicles), ignorance about basic things like keeping to one side of the road. However, even…

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