The joys of anticipation

I was making up my mind about the subject of my blog today when this topic, one that I have often meditated upon, sprung up into consciousness: the joys of anticipation. The topic seems apt for me as there is much being anticipated at this stage: a dear friend’s wedding coupled with a chance to meet up some old friends and then the big one: a trip to North-East India, something long pined for.

If there was some scientific method to track the times when I have been the most excited in my life, I am sure the several moments leading upto something that I was looking forward to would form a major chunk of it. Yes that’s the thing. Not the event/thing in itself, but the moments leading upto it. It is always the anticipation of something fun, the build up to it that is ironically so much more exciting than the actual thing may be on several occasions.

I still remember this one time in school, when I could barely contain my excitement knowing that an Australia versus South Africa – two cricketing giants I wanted to see pitted against each other since long– was underway. I remember gazing at my wristwatch constantly. Even though a boring lecture was in progress, the prospect of Aus vs SA match awaiting me at home infused enough excitement in me to last out two consecutive Science II periods, my definition of severe frustration at that age, with stoicism that would make a Zen master proud.

The thought of an interesting match awaiting you or the fact that your dad has got movie tickets for later in the day (miss that excitement to go to a cinema hall) were more than enough to make my day. The movies could turn out to be duds and the match boring one-sided contests (although unlikely given the stubborn opponents), but even then they had accomplished what they were meant to. They had set the tone for the day or if I was lucky days. And here I have not even mentioned the unparalleled excitement that enveloped me on the night before the school picnic. I am sure the excitement that did not let me sleep before the picnic was never superseded by the picnic itself.

And as I have grown up, while the things that excited me and the extent to which they did, have changed, the anticipation theory still holds true for me and my guess is most of us. Meeting friends at the end of the day is enough fuel to last out a bad work day and the thought of some yet to be seen episodes of The Big Bang Theory can lighten up the grumpiness in my mood. And this has convinced me that real excitement is as much in the anticipation of something and in looking back at it with fondness (hopefully will blog about it separately), as it is in the very heart of the thing.

While the flip side of too much anticipation is that the actual thing may leave one slightly underwhelmed. However, since I am on the anticipation end of things, I’d rather tilt towards the earlier paragraphs. I shall be underwhelmed at the moment when I have to, but currently I’d rather revel in the anticipation phase.

PS: See you on the looking back phase of my trip with a few travel blogs in tow. Wish me luck 🙂


One thought on “The joys of anticipation

  1. ofopinions

    I’m only reading this today because your comment had somehow not appeared in my notifications. Very thoughtful post. The anticipation is always more pleasant than the actual event. And I suppose it can’t be helped because it is only in the realm of imagination, facilitated by emotion. Reality rarely ever matches up!

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